The idea for creating more sustainable data centres came to Gitte Jensen in 2010. After initial discussions with her husband and realizing what the future might look like with data centre demand and the potential environmental impact, she determined there could be a better solution. Her diligent focus allowed her to work on the concept and inspired by working within the industry with Danish and Global Manufacturers to identify the multiple benefits and drawbacks of various methodologies.

In 2017 her network recommended and pointed her towards Frederikshavn Municipality as a possible location for her business idea. Having identified a possible location, she then worked to refine her theoretical prototype of a data centre supported by a local Heat Supply. In true Danish character the project was developed with the intention of creating a realistic socio-economic benefit and calculating a win-win of more than 35 percent. The project’s potential for economic gains created excitement with the Danish media and resonated with many in the industry.

Since 2018 ECO-LocaXion ApS has expanded and formalized the company structure. The boards shared vision is to develop and operate the most sustainable data centres globally with the intent of offering value to customers, society and environment. The board for the company includes individuals with exceptional experience, which compliments each other’s business strengths and offers a combined experience of over 50 years of data centre history. The combined experience includes site selection, engineering, operational management, construction, as well as sales.

When considering the potential for ECO-LocaXion it has taken years to develop and refine Gitte Jensen’s ambitious vision. However, her ideas are closer than ever to being realized as the industry and market has become more aware of the impacts and potentials she first considered over 10 years ago. With Gitte Jensen’s tenacity, focus on environment and financial gains for all parties, she is proud to be able to say as ECO-LocaXion’s CEO that her goals from 2010 is now starting an avalanche in the data centre industry and looks forward to how ECO-LocaXions’ goals is even further ahead of those from 2010. 

As a result of her collaboration with other parties, and knowledge and criteria being present, ECO-LocaXion ApS has developed a concept from 2010 to today 2021. 

Furthermore, due to support from partners, suppliers and educational institutions ECO-LocaXion’s of establishing and operating data centre is close to be realized.