For ECO-LocaXion the goal is to create colocation data centres which will have an impact on the market, society and environment world wide. The methods and goals will create a paradigm shift and motivate the market to create similar sustainable solutions.
ECO-LocaXion has three main goals: 

1. A CO2 negative colocation data centre
2. The world’s most energy efficient colocation data centre
3. Optimize technology in cooperation with partners 

ECO-LocaXion’s focus is more than just about creating sustainable data centres – it is to optimize, be energy efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. It shall support a modern infrastructure and society and minimizing the environmental impacts.

The uniquely critical nature of climate change has impacted every continent and ocean on the planet creating a focus and urgency, which is uniting people across every political spectrum and geography. ECO-LocaXion’s mission and goals align with the UN, EU and the Danish Government’s focus on climate, energy use and modern infrastructure by creating sustainable solutions.
ECO-LocaXion’s strategic goals is serving the market with an element that isn’t currently served. Beside distribute data ECO-LocaXion will leverage waste energy by returning it to a Heat Supply. ECO-LocaXion’s strategic goals through use of three key elements creates a win-win-win situation. Using technology and innovation it results in energy efficiency, cost management and benefit the location, society and environment. 

ECO-LocaXion’s concept will serve a broader good. 
By creating a situation where we can be symbiotic with the environmental and surroundings will we create an opportunity for our customers, society and climate
Board of ECO-LocaXion