“The most energy efficient and circular data centre in the world, for the benefit of the environment”

This means that we will strive to be the most energy efficient and circular suppliers in the world, so that we continuously deliver documentable solutions to our customers that benefit and continuously improve the environment.


“We deliver innovativeenergy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.”

This means that our deliveries are based on innovative technology development, in collaboration with private and public stakeholders, which adds environmentally sound value to our customers and partners.



To be proper and radiate property, it requires:

  1. We treat everyone with mutual respect, trust and equality.
  2. We have a positive, passionate and proper approach to our work.
  3. We have a mutual understanding of each other’s views.
  4. We ’do what we say’ and we ‘keep our promises’.
  5. We understand our duties and relate to our rights.
  6. We make reasonable demands on ourselves and others.


To be competent and radiate competence, it requires:

  1. We provide competent and experience-based advice to our costumers.
  2. We deliver solutions and economically oriented options for our costumers.
  3. We possess the necessary professional qualifications – and keep them up to date.
  4. We value and cultivate mutually beneficial and strong business relationships.
  5. We are informal but professional in our behaviour.
  6. We know the markets we operate in.
  7. We have competent management, both professionally and humanly.


To be flexible and radiate flexibility, it requires:

  1. We have a positive and flexible approach to our work.
  2. We see development as a challenge we are eager to accept.
  3. We find the best solution for our customers’ current and long term situations.
  4. We provide proactive development of products, services and technical solutions for our customers.